Travel Smart in 2016 – Some Tips to Guarantee Your Best Travel Year Ever

dl-bannerIn order to make you a happier traveler in 2016, your friends at Lookupfare have some simple travel tweaks to share with you. There’s no magic bullet for assuring a hassle-free flying experience, but these suggestions should offer you a significant edge.

  • Go Mobile and Exploit your Smartphone as a virtual Travel Assistant

When travelling in 2016, your mobile phone is not only your friend, in the situation it as well act as your lifeline. Exploit your smartphone for check-in and paperless boarding passes, and when your airport has an app as now most of the airport does have, you can use your phone for way-finding to your departure gate if you have a connecting flight.

You as well can download your airline’s app so you can check flight status in actual time without wandering around the airport craning your neck at the video monitors. Or, merely you can google your flight number to see your flight status. The smartphone is in the process of modernizing the way we travel.

  • Avoid the Crowds

The best days of the week to fly are Tuesdays and Wednesdays if cost is your prime concern. You as well can hunt for American Airlines Flights Deals or cheap Sun Country booking as well consider returning from a vacation on Saturday instead of Sunday. You’re going to get a better deal, and you may as well find the airports more easily negotiable with fewer travelers.

  • Carry an Empty Water Bottle From Home

Tiredness and ill health (and even stress) can be exacerbated by dehydration, so accumulate an empty water bottle in your carry-on or purse. Then, if you’re through security just ample up at a restaurant or drinking fountain. Once on-board, drinking water from your freshly packed bottle or from the bottled water served in flight.

Just abstain the water in the restrooms or even from the airplane’s tap which has been proven to be less than ideal by a rather enlightening, but disgusting Wall Street Journal study in the early thoughts (unfortunately, the study still stands mostly unchallenged).

  • Don’t Forget to Do Your Research

Sign up with Lookupfare for alerts on fares to your travel destination a few months prior you plan to fly (if you have that flexibility). Then you can track the fares as they rise or fall. Thus, in the same you can book your flights as when you get the alert for the best price. You can check for American Airlines tickets sale or any other airline deals and save money on your flights.

  • Try Always to Travel Light

If you can sway it (and unless you’re traveling with small children, we anticipate you can), don’t check a bag. Travel pros skip the bag check altogether. There’s an accomplished host of reasons. These days checked bags often amount extra.

Checked bags can go missing. Checked bags mean you have to play the waiting game on the other end of your flight. Also, in the unlikely event of a delay, checked bags can complicate things for you.

If your flight is cancelled and you’re traveling light, let the gate agents know you are accommodating to ankle it to the other end of the airport, and you’ll (a) be apparent as flexible/accommodating and (b) you’ll access the likelihood of award an another faster.


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