Discover the City of Fountains – Kansas City, Missouri

Wandering along the streets of Kansas City, cascading passing fountain after fountain making you think that you are in Rome. The beautiful Kansas City has more fountains then that renowned Italian capital city. As a travel renowned destination Kansas City has much to shield music lover, the sports buffs and the art lovers.

Missouri_luf_368356952.jpgDuring the early 1800s the region was settled by the Kansas American Indians. Original settlers decided to call their town Kansas. The building of new port along the gorgeous Missouri River in the 1830’s to smooth the shipping of trade goods and supplies as well as settlers brought instant growth to Kansas City.

During the same time, state lines divided the town and residents into two sovereign entities. Thus, one can book cheap last minute flights as you can get lucky enough to grab a lucrative flight deals and save more on your Kansas trip.

Music lovers here in the beautiful city can find numerous jazz clubs and old institutions once visited by the likes of Count Bassie and Charlie Parker still providing excellence entertainment.

The region of 18th and Vine is considered to be the “Birthplace of Jazz” by numerous. The Gem Theater, the Horace M. Peterson III Visitors Center and the Museums of Jazz are just a few of the captivating historical offerings.

shutterstock_luf_160930436.jpgWhen discovering in this region you might want to discover the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Several people do not understand how problematic it was for the African American baseball player during the early days of the struggle for equal civil rights.

For eras separation laws banned African-Americans from playing in the “White” prime leagues. This museum offers everyone to appreciate the hurdles all American have overwhelmed.

Book last minute flights to Kansas as you will find everything for everyone here in the beautiful city. Beside the above mentioned tourist attractions and destinations there are numerous more which easily entices the visitors and travelers here in the Kansas City, Missouri.

After exploring and discovering all these in the beautiful city one can book last minute travel deals from Kansas City and carry forward your journey or return home with blissful memories to cherish.


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