Top 10 Most Underrated Destinations around the World

282622775The spending power of young individuals and families around the world has increased and among the other lifestyle factors this has also given impetus to leisure travel. This is the reason that most families and even singles opt for holiday trips at regular intervals.

However, most people tend to opt for the well known and popular destinations like Paris, Rome, Thailand, or the Mexican Riviera. On the other hand it is really worth considering some off the beaten track destinations where you will spend a fraction of the money that you would spend in most popular destinations.

At the same time, you will have some really unique experiences and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Let us take a look at 10 destinations around the world which are really enjoyable holiday destinations but underrated even now.

Gdansk, Poland


It is one of the oldest cities of Poland with a history that goes back thousands of years. It was the location of the beginning of the World War II and hence a strong place in the consciousness of the people of Poland.

It was also the place where the fall of communism started and was also one of the most important ports in the Baltic region. There are many excellent museums and exotic beaches along with a lot of amber jewelry that you can buy as souvenirs or gifts.



This is a landlocked region and hence not ideal for beach lovers, but there is a lot more in Bolivia that you can really enjoy and cherish.

There are the largest salt flats on earth, some fiery red lakes, the famous silver mines of Potosi, many of the highest volcanoes in the world.

The capital city has a picturesque quality about it with a laid back atmosphere, prehistoric sites and a unique culture.

Havana, Cuba


There is a lot of colonial neoclassical architecture which will make you feel that you have stepped back into the 1950s.

Many of the magnificent buildings of Old Havana have been transformed into art galleries, museums, and hotels.

Even the common people love to indulge in arts like artist, writer, musician, dancer, poet or painter.

The Philippines


The country of Philippines consists of more than 7000 beautiful islands which are quite unique and yet not so crowded. There is a rich and diverse culture with many outdoor activities on water and land.

There are unlimited natural wonders along with the world class beaches, 37 volcanoes, pretty rice terraces of Banaue, the Chocolate hills of Bohol and the underground river national park at Palawan. If that much adventure is not enough there is the opportunity to swim with whale sharks in Donsol.

Nara, Japan


Most people prefer Kyoto which is close to Nara, but this city is also a rich one with many Buddhist temples, shrines and beautiful gardens and of course no large crowds.

You can enjoy a stroll in the narrow winding streets of Naramchi, which is an old merchant district. Here many of the traditional townhouses made of wood have been converted to cafes and restaurants.

A walk through a serene garden, exploring an 8th century temple or getting close to tame deer, everything is possible in Nara. As Nara is the birthplace of Sake you will find many sake bars along with a chance to visit Harushika which is a 131 years old brewery.

Galway, Ireland


Most people prefer the capital city of Ireland or the southwest, but Galway is a gem in the Emerald Island. There are more than 70 pubs offering a drink and traditional Irish tunes at TighNeachtain, to rock and folk music.

Galway is on the sea which provides the opportunity to taste fresh fish along with oysters which you can relish with your Guinness. In September there is the famous Galway oyster and Seafood festival which you should try to experience.

Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei is one of the nicest capitals in the world with many contrasts like tranquil parks encircled by hectic streets. There are acres and acres of green land and parks along with many outdoor activities like hiking in the surrounding mountains, taking a bath in the hot springs of Beitou.

There is also the opportunity to visit the tallest dormant volcano in Japan at the Seven Star Mountain. Taipei is also a haven for foodies who can relish many exotic dishes here.

Newfoundland, Canada


Everything about Newfoundland is lovable although it is not a destination for beach lovers. There is much to enjoy including the breathtaking scenery, unspoiled wilderness, quaint villages, world class fishing and the opportunity to see a vast variety of wildlife.

You can spot moose, lynx, caribou, black bears and polar bears along with many other animals. A boat or kayak tour can take you up close with whales including humpnbacks, orcas, minke whales, and finbacks. St. John is the oldest city in north America where you can explore museums, historical and cultural sites, or indulge in the lively nightlife.

St. Petersburg Russia


This city is in the northwest of Russia and just a 3-4 hours drive from Finland. It is the second largest city in the country and is located on as many as 300 islands with a unique history and architecture.

The drawbridges of this city are famous along with the Hermitage which is the premier historical and art collection by artists like Picasso, Monet and Matisse. You can also see the opulence of Tsarist Russia, Egyptian mummies and Scythian gold.

Granada Nicaragua


This is a very colorful city and has some of the most well preserved architecture in the country. Granada was founded in 1524 and is also the oldest city in Central America. It is known for the neoclassical sunny yellow cathedral which was built in 1583.

You can walk through the streets and take in the lovely Spanish colonial style buildings, which are mostly colored green or pale yellow with roofs of orange clay tiles. You should also make sure to grab a bite at one of the kiosks in the town square which serve delicious vigoron which is a local cabbage and pork dish. @ Best Online Flight Booking Sites



Top 10 Tourist Destinations You Should Visit Next

2Traveling for leisure has become quite trendy nowadays and this trend is fueled by the rising spending power of the average individual and also the easily available and economical means of travel.

More and more people are taking vacations and visiting exotic and popular locations all over the world. Although there are different destinations preferred by different people there are a few destinations which are more popular than others. Let us look at the 10 most popular destinations that you should definitely visit.

Marrakech, Morocco

3There is an abundance of colors and fabrics in this city along with an endless maze of souks many mosques, gardens and palaces to allow you to explore for days on end.Although you should avoid the warmer months it is definitely a pleasure during the winter.

Siem Reap Cambodia

4This is the gateway to the ruins of Angkorwat and this is the reason that it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. It has in fact recently become one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world.

Istanbul, Turkey

5If you love romance then there is a lot of Byzantine romance of the past in Istanbul along with the charm of the present. There are many attractions in this city which will keep the avid tourist in you interested and intrigued.

One of the most popular sites in Istanbul is Hagia Sophia which was earlier a Greek Orthodox patriarchal Basilica which was later converted into a mosque and currently is serving as a museum. This mosque is located in Sultanahmet and you will have to set aside a couple of hours for this one.

Another great attraction is the Grand bazaar which attracts thousands of tourists because of the grand spectacle that it provides. It is one of the biggest and most celebrated markets in the world with over 3000 shops.

Hanoi, Vietnam

6Hanoi is now the capital of Vietnam and the second largest city in the country. The streets are often chaotic and busy, but there is an abundance of cultural uniqueness to be found due to the influences over the years that have created a nice blend.

Prague, Czech Republic

7This city has become the favorite for European adventure seekers. There is great beer to be enjoyed here along with partying and large amount of sightseeing. The nearby CeskyKrumlov is the most romantic town in Europe.

The establishment of this town and the castle dates back to the 13th century because the river Vltava was important on the trade route. Many royal families have ruled over it in the past years and was even under the control of Nazis at one time. The castle is the most visited attraction of the town and the town is festive throughout the year.

London, UK

8It is the world’s most visited city and has a lot to offer the avid traveler. Along with the modern day attractions like museums and theme parks there is a lot of history and culture to be experienced here in the sites like the Buckingham Palace.

You should not miss the Warner brothers studio where you can take in the making of Harry Potter. Notting Hill is not just a famous film, but also a great neighborhood which you can explore in London. Soho is another neighborhood that you should definitely explore in this city.

Rome, Italy

9There are many attractions in this city along with the Vatican and other religious places. Literally the entire city is full of pleasant surprises in the form of art and sculpture in the most unexpected places. Another great specimen of Roman architecture is the Colosseum which is an amphitheater and almost a household name.

One of the most important archeological sites in the world is the Roman Forum because once upon a time it was the political center of ancient Rome. There is also the famous Pantheon, another household name. It is a Roman temple and was built during reign of Augustus and was rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian in 126 AD.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

10This is the capital city of Argentina and is bursting with Spanish architecture along with being a modern day business hub for South America. Along with the unique culture there is a lot to see and experience in Buenos Aires.

The La RecoletaCemetry is quite unique in its own way due to the tombs that are above the ground and the most attention grabbing one is the tomb of Evita. It is also a must to experience the Tango culture while you are in the city of Buenos Aires.

At the Tango Show Buenos Aires you will be able to indulge in a Tango show, Tango lesson and excellent wine and food. A day at polo is another way to experience the authentic Argentinian culture. You can enlist with the Argentinia Polo Day tours through which you will be able to play polo first hand.

Paris, France

11Paris is indeed a favorite with people who love art and culture, as there is an abundance of both here. It is indeed the city of love and there is much to offer all travelers – whether you are a family, a couple or single.

Apart from the Eiffel Tower, there is the famous Louvre and many other iconic attractions in this city. There are many other museums in Paris apart from the Louvre and the architecture of the city is something to enjoy. You will find old buildings existing alongside tall modern structures that are quite fascinating.

Cape Town, South Africa

12A lot has changed in South Africa since the end of apartheid and all for the better. South Africa was always on the travelers list as a well known travel destination and nowadays more and more people are visiting this country.

The city of Cape Town is rightly known as the prettiest city of the world. This is mainly because the scene where the city meets the sea is fantastic and that nature plays a vital role in the lives of the locals. Hiking to the top of famous Table mountain is just one of the many activities you can enjoy here.


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Top 10 Safest Travel Destinations for Women to Travel Alone

pic.jpgWhen it comes to traveling alone for women, it becomes challenging and fearful as well. At times, it can be actually dangerous for a woman to go on a vacation alone.

Sometimes, the place, the surrounding and the fact that a female is travelling alone puts pocketers and others on advantage to make it unsafe for women. However, some destinations turn out to be safe and give a chance to enjoy their freedom and space.

Here are the top 10 safest destinations for solo female travelers:


pic14.jpgThis is a beautiful country situated in the west side of the United Kingdom. The destination is considered purely safe for females travelling alone while it displays a spectrum of its attractions.

Some of the major attractions here are the mesmerizing landscapes, enticing cultural history through wonderful museums and thrilling shopping centers. Adding to this, female travelers can also enjoy the outdoor sports.

Costa Rica

pic6.jpgCosta Rica is a country situated in the Central America with a mesmerizing showcase of eco-tourism. Aquatic fun with water sports, thermal spas, yoga retreats, national parks, peaky mountains, marshy lowlands, and hot springs are the major attractions here. Considered to be one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers, Costa Rica is a wonderful tourist destination around the world.


pic1.jpgBali is a beautiful Indonesian Island tagged to be one of the safest and most enticing tourist destinations for solo women travelers. The amazing beaches and carved temples add to some of the major attractions along with the adventurous experience that the destination delivers.

Snorkel, scuba adventures and the renowned Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary top the list in major attractions.


pic4.jpgBonaire is a thrilling island situated in the Caribbean Sea. The destination is known for its incredible beaches, national park, excellent windsurfing, and stunning architectural buildings.

The destination is known to have comparatively very low crime rate than other tourist destinations and hence is considered safe for women to travel alone.


pic10.jpgScandinavia is the largest peninsula of Europe situated in the Northern part of the country. The destination is believed to be formed by amalgamation of beautiful destinations including Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden.

With these trendy cities, the tourist destination marks its presence with its remote forests, rocking festivals, tempting cuisines, and wilderness. In addition, the ecotourism factor of the destination adds to its popularity as a tourist destination and considered safe as well.

New Zealand

pic15.jpgNew Zealand is a country situated in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean. It mainly comprises of two islands characterized by glaciers, hills, landscapes, beaches, and volcanoes.

The dramatic destination is a major attraction for women as it gives them the space for introspection and complete relaxation especially when traveling alone. The destination is popular as an eco-friendly and peaceful country that delivers an ultimate escape from the hectic city life.


pic12.jpgThere can be nothing more thrilling and safe than traveling alone to Dubai especially for solo female travelers. The destination delivers the most pleasing and refreshing experience with its cultural dynamism, energy, optimism, culinary landscape, fashion, shopping experience, and music.

The destination accepted to be one of the most beautiful and the tallest building brimming there with its distinctive aura and popularity. In addition, the low crime rate because of the strict and harsh punishments for even the smallest crime made make it one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers.


pic13.jpgAmsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands characterized with artistic cultural heritage, facades, innovative buildings, thrilling museums, golden age treasures.

In addition, biking and boating activities offer the most exciting experience with city’s distinctive and chilling vibes.

Pleasing nightlife and unique culture to explore in the canals offer a safe environment for lone females.


pic16.jpgSwitzerland is a stunning destination in Europe with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking scenery, and thrilling lakes.

It is also known for its chocolates, watches and fondue with a complete spectrum of articles to purchase in the exciting shopping haven. Furthermore, Switzerland is a safe destination for solo female travelers.


pic11.jpgAustria is a wonderful country situated in the Central Europe. The destination has much to offer including mountain villages, mesmerizing architectures, thrilling vineyards, cultural display, and rugged terrain along with low crime rate.

The major attractions here are Hofburg palaces, Bohemian Forest and Lake Traun. In addition, the musical nights and coffee houses in a safe environment adds to the popularity of the country as a top most tourist destination around the world for women traveling alone.@