Top 10 Safest Travel Destinations for Women to Travel Alone

pic.jpgWhen it comes to traveling alone for women, it becomes challenging and fearful as well. At times, it can be actually dangerous for a woman to go on a vacation alone.

Sometimes, the place, the surrounding and the fact that a female is travelling alone puts pocketers and others on advantage to make it unsafe for women. However, some destinations turn out to be safe and give a chance to enjoy their freedom and space.

Here are the top 10 safest destinations for solo female travelers:


pic14.jpgThis is a beautiful country situated in the west side of the United Kingdom. The destination is considered purely safe for females travelling alone while it displays a spectrum of its attractions.

Some of the major attractions here are the mesmerizing landscapes, enticing cultural history through wonderful museums and thrilling shopping centers. Adding to this, female travelers can also enjoy the outdoor sports.

Costa Rica

pic6.jpgCosta Rica is a country situated in the Central America with a mesmerizing showcase of eco-tourism. Aquatic fun with water sports, thermal spas, yoga retreats, national parks, peaky mountains, marshy lowlands, and hot springs are the major attractions here. Considered to be one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers, Costa Rica is a wonderful tourist destination around the world.


pic1.jpgBali is a beautiful Indonesian Island tagged to be one of the safest and most enticing tourist destinations for solo women travelers. The amazing beaches and carved temples add to some of the major attractions along with the adventurous experience that the destination delivers.

Snorkel, scuba adventures and the renowned Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary top the list in major attractions.


pic4.jpgBonaire is a thrilling island situated in the Caribbean Sea. The destination is known for its incredible beaches, national park, excellent windsurfing, and stunning architectural buildings.

The destination is known to have comparatively very low crime rate than other tourist destinations and hence is considered safe for women to travel alone.


pic10.jpgScandinavia is the largest peninsula of Europe situated in the Northern part of the country. The destination is believed to be formed by amalgamation of beautiful destinations including Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden.

With these trendy cities, the tourist destination marks its presence with its remote forests, rocking festivals, tempting cuisines, and wilderness. In addition, the ecotourism factor of the destination adds to its popularity as a tourist destination and considered safe as well.

New Zealand

pic15.jpgNew Zealand is a country situated in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean. It mainly comprises of two islands characterized by glaciers, hills, landscapes, beaches, and volcanoes.

The dramatic destination is a major attraction for women as it gives them the space for introspection and complete relaxation especially when traveling alone. The destination is popular as an eco-friendly and peaceful country that delivers an ultimate escape from the hectic city life.


pic12.jpgThere can be nothing more thrilling and safe than traveling alone to Dubai especially for solo female travelers. The destination delivers the most pleasing and refreshing experience with its cultural dynamism, energy, optimism, culinary landscape, fashion, shopping experience, and music.

The destination accepted to be one of the most beautiful and the tallest building brimming there with its distinctive aura and popularity. In addition, the low crime rate because of the strict and harsh punishments for even the smallest crime made make it one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers.


pic13.jpgAmsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands characterized with artistic cultural heritage, facades, innovative buildings, thrilling museums, golden age treasures.

In addition, biking and boating activities offer the most exciting experience with city’s distinctive and chilling vibes.

Pleasing nightlife and unique culture to explore in the canals offer a safe environment for lone females.


pic16.jpgSwitzerland is a stunning destination in Europe with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking scenery, and thrilling lakes.

It is also known for its chocolates, watches and fondue with a complete spectrum of articles to purchase in the exciting shopping haven. Furthermore, Switzerland is a safe destination for solo female travelers.


pic11.jpgAustria is a wonderful country situated in the Central Europe. The destination has much to offer including mountain villages, mesmerizing architectures, thrilling vineyards, cultural display, and rugged terrain along with low crime rate.

The major attractions here are Hofburg palaces, Bohemian Forest and Lake Traun. In addition, the musical nights and coffee houses in a safe environment adds to the popularity of the country as a top most tourist destination around the world for women traveling alone.@


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