Top 10 Most Underrated Destinations around the World

282622775The spending power of young individuals and families around the world has increased and among the other lifestyle factors this has also given impetus to leisure travel. This is the reason that most families and even singles opt for holiday trips at regular intervals.

However, most people tend to opt for the well known and popular destinations like Paris, Rome, Thailand, or the Mexican Riviera. On the other hand it is really worth considering some off the beaten track destinations where you will spend a fraction of the money that you would spend in most popular destinations.

At the same time, you will have some really unique experiences and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Let us take a look at 10 destinations around the world which are really enjoyable holiday destinations but underrated even now.

Gdansk, Poland


It is one of the oldest cities of Poland with a history that goes back thousands of years. It was the location of the beginning of the World War II and hence a strong place in the consciousness of the people of Poland.

It was also the place where the fall of communism started and was also one of the most important ports in the Baltic region. There are many excellent museums and exotic beaches along with a lot of amber jewelry that you can buy as souvenirs or gifts.



This is a landlocked region and hence not ideal for beach lovers, but there is a lot more in Bolivia that you can really enjoy and cherish.

There are the largest salt flats on earth, some fiery red lakes, the famous silver mines of Potosi, many of the highest volcanoes in the world.

The capital city has a picturesque quality about it with a laid back atmosphere, prehistoric sites and a unique culture.

Havana, Cuba


There is a lot of colonial neoclassical architecture which will make you feel that you have stepped back into the 1950s.

Many of the magnificent buildings of Old Havana have been transformed into art galleries, museums, and hotels.

Even the common people love to indulge in arts like artist, writer, musician, dancer, poet or painter.

The Philippines


The country of Philippines consists of more than 7000 beautiful islands which are quite unique and yet not so crowded. There is a rich and diverse culture with many outdoor activities on water and land.

There are unlimited natural wonders along with the world class beaches, 37 volcanoes, pretty rice terraces of Banaue, the Chocolate hills of Bohol and the underground river national park at Palawan. If that much adventure is not enough there is the opportunity to swim with whale sharks in Donsol.

Nara, Japan


Most people prefer Kyoto which is close to Nara, but this city is also a rich one with many Buddhist temples, shrines and beautiful gardens and of course no large crowds.

You can enjoy a stroll in the narrow winding streets of Naramchi, which is an old merchant district. Here many of the traditional townhouses made of wood have been converted to cafes and restaurants.

A walk through a serene garden, exploring an 8th century temple or getting close to tame deer, everything is possible in Nara. As Nara is the birthplace of Sake you will find many sake bars along with a chance to visit Harushika which is a 131 years old brewery.

Galway, Ireland


Most people prefer the capital city of Ireland or the southwest, but Galway is a gem in the Emerald Island. There are more than 70 pubs offering a drink and traditional Irish tunes at TighNeachtain, to rock and folk music.

Galway is on the sea which provides the opportunity to taste fresh fish along with oysters which you can relish with your Guinness. In September there is the famous Galway oyster and Seafood festival which you should try to experience.

Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei is one of the nicest capitals in the world with many contrasts like tranquil parks encircled by hectic streets. There are acres and acres of green land and parks along with many outdoor activities like hiking in the surrounding mountains, taking a bath in the hot springs of Beitou.

There is also the opportunity to visit the tallest dormant volcano in Japan at the Seven Star Mountain. Taipei is also a haven for foodies who can relish many exotic dishes here.

Newfoundland, Canada


Everything about Newfoundland is lovable although it is not a destination for beach lovers. There is much to enjoy including the breathtaking scenery, unspoiled wilderness, quaint villages, world class fishing and the opportunity to see a vast variety of wildlife.

You can spot moose, lynx, caribou, black bears and polar bears along with many other animals. A boat or kayak tour can take you up close with whales including humpnbacks, orcas, minke whales, and finbacks. St. John is the oldest city in north America where you can explore museums, historical and cultural sites, or indulge in the lively nightlife.

St. Petersburg Russia


This city is in the northwest of Russia and just a 3-4 hours drive from Finland. It is the second largest city in the country and is located on as many as 300 islands with a unique history and architecture.

The drawbridges of this city are famous along with the Hermitage which is the premier historical and art collection by artists like Picasso, Monet and Matisse. You can also see the opulence of Tsarist Russia, Egyptian mummies and Scythian gold.

Granada Nicaragua


This is a very colorful city and has some of the most well preserved architecture in the country. Granada was founded in 1524 and is also the oldest city in Central America. It is known for the neoclassical sunny yellow cathedral which was built in 1583.

You can walk through the streets and take in the lovely Spanish colonial style buildings, which are mostly colored green or pale yellow with roofs of orange clay tiles. You should also make sure to grab a bite at one of the kiosks in the town square which serve delicious vigoron which is a local cabbage and pork dish. @ Best Online Flight Booking Sites



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