The Top 7 Columbus Day Weekend Getaways

loveColumbus Day is a national holiday in the United States that commemorates Christopher Columbus’s landing in the New World on October 12, 1492. Unofficially, it was observed in a number of cities and states until it was granted the status of a federal holiday in 1937.

For many, the holiday is a way of both celebrating the Italian-American heritage and honoring Columbus’ achievements. In 2016, Columbus Day will be observed on October York City, New York – From the lush greenery in Central Park to numerous Halloween events all over the city, October is an amazing time to visit the metropolitan.

The most obvious reason NYC secures the top spot on this list of the best Columbus Day weekend getaways is its massive Columbus Day parade, Haunted Pumpkin Garden, but the Boo at the Zoo, and the family-friendly events at the Met are few of the other noteworthy attractions.

californiaSan Francisco, California – Being the oldest Italian-American celebration in all of the United States, the San Francisco Columbus Day Celebration and the Italian Heritage Parade is more than 140 years old.

After savoring the splendidness of the parade, spend the day relishing the wonderful Italian delicacies in the city’s North Beach neighborhood.

bostonBoston, Massachusetts – You will never see a quiet weekend in the Beantown – and Columbus Day makes no exception.

It’s given that you will stumble upon various holiday-themed events, from the killer Columbus Day sales on the high-class Newbury Street to the Tufts Health Plan 10k in the Boston Commons to the Columbus Day Parade of the North End.

trang-tien-bridgeMontauk, New York – Though the stunning scenery of Montauk makes any trip a worth visit, the three-day weekend also observes the Montauk Chamber of Commerce Annual Fall Festival.

You will not get a better chance to sample the best clam chowders of the area at the very popular Clam Chowder Tasting Contest.

floridaMiami, Florida – A distant cry from the other foliage and lush filled Columbus Day weekend getaways in the list, Miami plays host to the Columbus Day Regatta, where the party lovers from all cross the globe grab a seafaring vessel they can catch and sail away to Key West.

It results in a nonstop three-day long party that can even embarrass Mardi Gras. For everyone interested more in dancing and drinking than history and hiking, this is the spot to be.

coloradoDenver, Colorado – Denver’s witnesses one of the largest Columbus Day parades in the nation organized by the Italian-American community.

The fun does not end after the last marching band’s crossing of the finishing line, a post-parade celebration is also held with plenty of Italian meals and drinks.

rhode-islandNewport, Rhode Island – Splitting your time amongst the two best cities of Rhode Island will be nothing more than a walk in the park.

Raise a glass or a stein at Newport’s International Oktoberfest or savor the pumpkin-carved art at the Providence’s Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular. And the best part? It’s just a 45-minute drive between the cities.

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