Experience the Best with Air Canada

cheap-flights-to-montrealAir Canada is the leading and most popular airlines in the Canadian market serving more than 175 destinations across the globe. Since its establishment in the year 1937, the airlines hold the legacy of carrying about 35 million passengers till date.

Headquartered at Montreal the airline was started with the mission of connecting Canada with the entire world and in the years Air Canada have certainly worked with passion and dedication to fulfill its mission. Air Canada is now growing in terms of passenger traffic, fleet, and the number of destinations covered.

It has also come up a new leisure airline tagged as Air Canada Rouge serving to 13 popular holiday destinations including Lima, Dublin, Istanbul, Guadalajara, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The airline is further expected to expand to more than 23 holiday destinations.

In-Flight Amenities

flights-to-istanbulAir Canada is known to offer a comfortable and luxurious journey to several connected destinations through its contemporary cabin interiors and in-flight entertainments. Flights to Istanbul or any destination served by the airlines are sure to give you the best comfort with their in-flight amenities.

It has the normal business class and the international business class categorized based on degree of luxurious amenities and priority services. A special category is also designated to serve the people travelling to North America and Caribbean with enhanced comfort and seat back entertainment.

Furthermore, the economy class cabin is also divided into international economy, premium economy and the economy class for North America and Caribbean. The in-flight amenities include personal touch-screen TV, informative audio books, podcasts, on-demand audio and video entertainment, audio jacks, access to USB ports and much more to have a pleasing journey.

Check-In Options

cheap-flights-to-dublinAir Canada offers customers options to check-in to ensure the journey starts with a pleasing and hassle free note. There are options to check-in through mobile, check-in through web or check-in at airport counters. Customers are free to select any option that they feel is convenient and comfortable to them.

For web check-in, customers have to log onto the official website of Air Canada and check-in atleast 60 minutes prior to flight departure and about 24 hours for connecting flights. For mobile check-in, customers have the option to check-in through their PDA, Blackberry or Android Phone.

All they need to do is check-in using the available download or through the Air Canada website. This gives you an electronic boarding pass that can be used to board the flight. For airport check-in, customers have to check-in at any of the self-service airport kiosks.

The airlines in association with various travel agencies also offer deals and offers for travelers across the globe. You can avail the offers and take cheap flights to Dublin, cheap flights to Lima, cheap flights to Guadalajara, or cheap flights to Montreal and enjoy your voyage at the lowest possible price.


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