Orlando- The City Beautiful

shutterstock_522197110Orlando, a bustling city, is one of the most popular destinations in the US. The number of amusement parks in the city had earned it the nickname of ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’. Orlando enjoys mild weather all year through making it great for travelers to frolic around at the city. Temperatures in the hottest month—July- rarely rises higher than 82° F. Check out the best online flights booking sites and get heavy discounts on your tickets and accommodation.

A big reason that Orlando draws a large crowd of travelers from all over the world is that it is home to Walt Disney World Resort—‘The Happiest Place on Earth’. When it comes to this world-renowned amusement park, age is just a number. In a place that has entertained generations, you’re bound to have a great time. Whether you’re traveling with your family, friends or solo, you won’t run out of things to do in this much-celebrated wonderland. Book a flight to Orlando and lose yourself in a flurry of exhilarating rides, temperature controlled wave pools, fun live-shows and golf courses.

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion gives you the unique opportunity of having that perfect fairy-tale wedding with your very own Prince Charming. You can also book a spot for commitment ceremonies or vow renewals to make your trip even more special. The various theme and water parks within Walt Disney World Resort are Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There’s something really soothing about sitting by a serene lake and just living in the moment. Orlando allows you to do just that. The city boasts of having a number of beautiful lakes with glistening water that rejuvenates your mind and soul. A few names to remember- Lake Orlando, Lake Baldwin, Lake Lancaster, Lake Ivanhoe and Lake Estelle. The picturesque landscapes surrounding the lakes are perfect for some leisurely trekking to get your pulse pumping.

If you’re longing for some beach-time, you’re in luck as there are many great beaches within a short drive from Orlando. Daytona, Cocoa, Flagler, New Smyrna and Melbourne Beach are the ones you would want to visit for some quality time with your loved ones.

Book a low-cost flight to Orlando and explore all the quality restaurants the city takes pride in. You can share a few mouthwatering meals with your travel mates at Maggiano’s Little Italy, Charley’s Steak House, Kres Restaurant LLC, Texas de Brazil and The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar.

Orlando International Airport is well connected to cities around the world making it convenient for you to fly there. Some airlines flying there are American Airlines, United, Emirates, Lufthansa and Air Canada. Hop-on a flight to Orlando to discover its wonders.


Top 5 Amazing Destinations in USA to Spend New Year’s Eve 2016

A wise man once rightly remarked, “Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn”. And the good bye has to be little more special when it’s the sunset of 31 December. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a party buff or a serene beach lover or a big time food lover, this list will surely excite the spirit of holidays and ignite the traveler soul in you.

shutterstock_543566572Lookupfare reveals the list of most happening cities in USA to spend New Year’s Eve 2016 that has a lot in store for you to unleash.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has made it in the list of 5 must visit cities in USA to spend New Year’s Eve due to its most incredible theme parks, special party zones and not-to-forget spectacular fireworks. It’s a perfect destination when traveling with family or friends as the climate here is quite friendly and food is worthy of any appreciation. You can book cheap airline tickets to Orlando if your pocket is not allowing for a luxury holidays. However, Orlando will offer you luxury experience with its grand restaurants and expert chefs during this time of year.  Once you’re in Orlando for your new year’s eve, try to visit Church Street Entertainment District in Downtown Orlando to get an experience of a lifetime.

Las Vegas

If you are looking for the best time to visit Las Vegas then New Year’s Eve has to be the night to unleash magnetic energy of Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, this city has one of the best casinos and cheap hotels so that you will get the most of it without worrying about your budget. Night clubs throw grand parties and there will be a lot of celebrity performances exclusively for New Year’s Eve.

New York City

New Year’s Eve is almost knocking the doors! So, let’s not forget the gleaming night at The Ball Drop in New York. It will leave you breathless with its glittering vivid lights and gathering of millions of people from all across the world to welcome 2017. More than a celebration, it’s an experience for a lifetime to witness the unbelievable fireworks. An added perk is that the weather prediction signals clear skies for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

shutterstock_542414935Once you are at Times Square NYC, you will be amazed by the energy of the place as you will be having a lot to explore till the night is ticking. The place is a hub of one of the grand restaurants for your fantastic dinner, food, entertainment and fun. Fun starts with the Midnight Run to join the party, just don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes as there will amazing music.

San Francisco

Versatility of San Francisco makes it the most talked about destination in USA for those who likes to discover life’s best travel experiences. San Francisco is a land of mountains based out in California surrounded by Pacific Ocean that makes it fabulous. There is going to be traditional shows, authentic cuisines and vibrant fireworks for explorers. So, if not yet then freeze your New Year flight deals right away to get best discounted price by airlines.


shutterstock_478361827How about spending a New Year’s Eve on a grand cruise on Lake Michigan. You can book your last minute flights to Chicago for a never ending celebration. Certainly, exotic shores of Lake Michigan makes it a traveler’s paradise for the last eve of 2016.


Tik Tok Starts to Christmas Eve Celebration – Snowflakes, Twinkling Baubles and All Things Christmas-Y

Hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows, gifts under the Christmas tree, waking up to the soothing blow of Christmas songs and not to forget about nostalgic aura of pinewood bestowing festive vibe– Christmas is indeed a blissful time to remember the good old childhood days and relish grand Christmas treats.

shutterstock_541994884One of my fondest childhood memories include baking gingerbread man cookies with my grandmamma and little brother.  This was only time of the year when all kids in the family gather at one place somewhere on rooftop to bake world’s most delicious gingerbread cookies (at least for us) while humming on the tune of great Christmas songs. 

No matter how badly me and my sibling fought over who is gonna taste the treat first but those moments were perfect and still make me excited about Christmas eve. I’ve carried on this tradition with my kids and certainly most of us must be having a lot to say about their Christmas eve experiences.      

shutterstock_541262551Celebrating moments of birth of Christ is holy to us and we all have emotional value attached to this festival as well, it’s so much grand than just being God’s birth celebration. Christmas is a synonym of joy, happiness, and excitement, it brings a sense of giving and sharing like no other no other festival does.

Of Course, receiving gifts from our loved ones is a wonderful thing. What else can be better than this time of year. People all around are on happy mode and full of excitement during this time. I would say, Christmas brings the spirit of togetherness and brings out the best in us.shutterstock_540795490This year, I’m gonna volunteer at a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve. I’m also hosting a small dinner with close family and friends at my place somewhere in new jersey. Pumpkin pie and eggnog are among the highlights of our Christmas feast. You might feel a little Grinch-y and opt to ignore celebrations this Christmas but believe me, with everything going on, I get it if you’ve got no plans yet or just unsure about how to celebrate Christmas.

It’s perfectly fine if you want to spend your Christmas eve at home alone, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fire, snuggling your dog. Either way, Christmas cheer will find you. So just smile that we get to live such beauty of this freezy winter Christmas eve with our loved ones. Laugh a little harder, sing a little louder and open your heart a little wider. It’s Christmas time, folks!

An Irish Enchantment

Trinity college library in Dublin is where we had our “meet cute”. Walking through the ginormous hall with thousands of books was an indescribable experience but meeting my dream guy there, made it all the more special.


We spent the next few weeks travelling across Ireland together. I don’t know whether it was because I was excited about travelling in another country or because we were at several gorgeous places or simply because of the company I was with, but I just knew that it was all very magical.

Cliffs of Moher was as amazing as it was described by my Irish friends. Jared and I had a great time taking pictures. I got him a Banjo from the Moher Music Shop. Earlier that day he had mentioned how playing the Banjo always made him happy.


Connemara, with breathtaking views at every twist and turn, is, hands-down, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. We set up our tent at the Renvyle Beach Caravan & Camping Park for two days. Evenings were spent by the bonfire chatting and singing with other campers while Jared played the Banjo. They told us about the legend of the Blarney Stone. That whoever kisses the Blarney Stone is gifted with eloquence and persuasiveness. We just knew we had to go and kiss the stone.

Our walks in the misty mornings of Aran Islands are something that we’ll cherish all our lives. We had breakfast at this cute little café that looked like it was plucked straight out of a fairy tale. Sitting on the rocks, we had a lovely time making up stories about the keepers of the Lighthouse. We almost had to cancel our trip to the Killarney National Park but we’re really glad that somehow, we made it.


The creatures residing there were not as thrilled to see us as we were to see them. I’m really glad that LookUpFare’s Destination Mapping team planned such an awesome trip for me, at such an affordable price. I’m even gladder that I met Jared to share it with. They were very helpful when I wanted them to find tickets for Jared on the same dates as mine.

I had only heard about how beautiful Ireland is and how I need to visit it at least once in my lifetime. Now that I’ve seen just how incredibly charming it is, I know that there will be many more trips in the future. Jared and I are engaged to be married in a month. Guess where we’re going for our honeymoon? Yes, Ireland!

LookUpFare – Ultimate Travel Experience ‘tis Season

We thought what would be more real than sharing the true experience of people associated with us.

So here it is, in her own words, journey of two sisters.

 ‘tis the Season to Be Jolly

tis-the-season-to-be-jollyGrowing up, my sister and I always dreamed of seeing the world. Backpacking across the globe without any cares in the world. We even made a Bucket List of the things we would do when we go on our trips after growing up. Bungee jumping, sky-diving, swimming with the dolphins and what not. However, after Uni, we both got busy with our careers and didn’t really chase our childhood fantasies. I think we all do it at one point in our lives: pack our wonderful wishes in a bag and bury it in a timeline.


But one day, out of the blue, my sister called me in the middle of the night, all exhilarated, virtually squeaking and asking me to put my bare essentials in a bag. Ostensibly, we were going for an adventure, genuinely long distance one!

Since time was short, I began searching for travel portals, to find the best option. We found LookUpFare. The affordable prices, different choices for hotels, the travel routes, the car service, everything about them made us even more excited about our trip. We wanted to tick-off ‘watch the Northern Lights’ from our Bucket List. So we chose Finland for our feat. After everything we’ve heard about the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, seeing it for the first time still exceeded our expectation. Not to mention the ease we had while reaching it through car rental service, which was already an add-on we took while booking our tickets.

The resort with all the pretty glass igloos with a futuristic design, surrounded by snow and trees, gave off other worldly vibes making our stay all the more magical.  We thought that sitting on a settee, sipping hot coco with tiny bobbing marshmallows, chatting non-stop was great. But then, the green, pink and blue lights started appearing in the sky making it come alive. Northern Lights had arrived in the sky, like an angel ready to descend the earth. Enchanted!! That’s the only word that could best describe how we felt. For us the year ended with unforgettable memories.

christmas-treeAnd since then, for all the other little adventures we’ve been on, in the past couple of years, we have relied only on LookUpFare. Though we haven’t decided the destination to end this year with some mesmerizing moments yet, but I am pretty sure LookUpFare’s Destination Mapping will help us do it in a jiffy. “Thank you LookUpFare for making me realize my Bucket-List for real.”