An Irish Enchantment

Trinity college library in Dublin is where we had our “meet cute”. Walking through the ginormous hall with thousands of books was an indescribable experience but meeting my dream guy there, made it all the more special.


We spent the next few weeks travelling across Ireland together. I don’t know whether it was because I was excited about travelling in another country or because we were at several gorgeous places or simply because of the company I was with, but I just knew that it was all very magical.

Cliffs of Moher was as amazing as it was described by my Irish friends. Jared and I had a great time taking pictures. I got him a Banjo from the Moher Music Shop. Earlier that day he had mentioned how playing the Banjo always made him happy.


Connemara, with breathtaking views at every twist and turn, is, hands-down, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. We set up our tent at the Renvyle Beach Caravan & Camping Park for two days. Evenings were spent by the bonfire chatting and singing with other campers while Jared played the Banjo. They told us about the legend of the Blarney Stone. That whoever kisses the Blarney Stone is gifted with eloquence and persuasiveness. We just knew we had to go and kiss the stone.

Our walks in the misty mornings of Aran Islands are something that we’ll cherish all our lives. We had breakfast at this cute little café that looked like it was plucked straight out of a fairy tale. Sitting on the rocks, we had a lovely time making up stories about the keepers of the Lighthouse. We almost had to cancel our trip to the Killarney National Park but we’re really glad that somehow, we made it.


The creatures residing there were not as thrilled to see us as we were to see them. I’m really glad that LookUpFare’s Destination Mapping team planned such an awesome trip for me, at such an affordable price. I’m even gladder that I met Jared to share it with. They were very helpful when I wanted them to find tickets for Jared on the same dates as mine.

I had only heard about how beautiful Ireland is and how I need to visit it at least once in my lifetime. Now that I’ve seen just how incredibly charming it is, I know that there will be many more trips in the future. Jared and I are engaged to be married in a month. Guess where we’re going for our honeymoon? Yes, Ireland!


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