Tik Tok Starts to Christmas Eve Celebration – Snowflakes, Twinkling Baubles and All Things Christmas-Y

Hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows, gifts under the Christmas tree, waking up to the soothing blow of Christmas songs and not to forget about nostalgic aura of pinewood bestowing festive vibe– Christmas is indeed a blissful time to remember the good old childhood days and relish grand Christmas treats.

shutterstock_541994884One of my fondest childhood memories include baking gingerbread man cookies with my grandmamma and little brother.  This was only time of the year when all kids in the family gather at one place somewhere on rooftop to bake world’s most delicious gingerbread cookies (at least for us) while humming on the tune of great Christmas songs. 

No matter how badly me and my sibling fought over who is gonna taste the treat first but those moments were perfect and still make me excited about Christmas eve. I’ve carried on this tradition with my kids and certainly most of us must be having a lot to say about their Christmas eve experiences.      

shutterstock_541262551Celebrating moments of birth of Christ is holy to us and we all have emotional value attached to this festival as well, it’s so much grand than just being God’s birth celebration. Christmas is a synonym of joy, happiness, and excitement, it brings a sense of giving and sharing like no other no other festival does.

Of Course, receiving gifts from our loved ones is a wonderful thing. What else can be better than this time of year. People all around are on happy mode and full of excitement during this time. I would say, Christmas brings the spirit of togetherness and brings out the best in us.shutterstock_540795490This year, I’m gonna volunteer at a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve. I’m also hosting a small dinner with close family and friends at my place somewhere in new jersey. Pumpkin pie and eggnog are among the highlights of our Christmas feast. You might feel a little Grinch-y and opt to ignore celebrations this Christmas but believe me, with everything going on, I get it if you’ve got no plans yet or just unsure about how to celebrate Christmas.

It’s perfectly fine if you want to spend your Christmas eve at home alone, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fire, snuggling your dog. Either way, Christmas cheer will find you. So just smile that we get to live such beauty of this freezy winter Christmas eve with our loved ones. Laugh a little harder, sing a little louder and open your heart a little wider. It’s Christmas time, folks!


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