Top 5 Amazing Destinations in USA to Spend New Year’s Eve 2016

A wise man once rightly remarked, “Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn”. And the good bye has to be little more special when it’s the sunset of 31 December. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a party buff or a serene beach lover or a big time food lover, this list will surely excite the spirit of holidays and ignite the traveler soul in you.

shutterstock_543566572Lookupfare reveals the list of most happening cities in USA to spend New Year’s Eve 2016 that has a lot in store for you to unleash.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has made it in the list of 5 must visit cities in USA to spend New Year’s Eve due to its most incredible theme parks, special party zones and not-to-forget spectacular fireworks. It’s a perfect destination when traveling with family or friends as the climate here is quite friendly and food is worthy of any appreciation. You can book cheap airline tickets to Orlando if your pocket is not allowing for a luxury holidays. However, Orlando will offer you luxury experience with its grand restaurants and expert chefs during this time of year.  Once you’re in Orlando for your new year’s eve, try to visit Church Street Entertainment District in Downtown Orlando to get an experience of a lifetime.

Las Vegas

If you are looking for the best time to visit Las Vegas then New Year’s Eve has to be the night to unleash magnetic energy of Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, this city has one of the best casinos and cheap hotels so that you will get the most of it without worrying about your budget. Night clubs throw grand parties and there will be a lot of celebrity performances exclusively for New Year’s Eve.

New York City

New Year’s Eve is almost knocking the doors! So, let’s not forget the gleaming night at The Ball Drop in New York. It will leave you breathless with its glittering vivid lights and gathering of millions of people from all across the world to welcome 2017. More than a celebration, it’s an experience for a lifetime to witness the unbelievable fireworks. An added perk is that the weather prediction signals clear skies for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

shutterstock_542414935Once you are at Times Square NYC, you will be amazed by the energy of the place as you will be having a lot to explore till the night is ticking. The place is a hub of one of the grand restaurants for your fantastic dinner, food, entertainment and fun. Fun starts with the Midnight Run to join the party, just don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes as there will amazing music.

San Francisco

Versatility of San Francisco makes it the most talked about destination in USA for those who likes to discover life’s best travel experiences. San Francisco is a land of mountains based out in California surrounded by Pacific Ocean that makes it fabulous. There is going to be traditional shows, authentic cuisines and vibrant fireworks for explorers. So, if not yet then freeze your New Year flight deals right away to get best discounted price by airlines.


shutterstock_478361827How about spending a New Year’s Eve on a grand cruise on Lake Michigan. You can book your last minute flights to Chicago for a never ending celebration. Certainly, exotic shores of Lake Michigan makes it a traveler’s paradise for the last eve of 2016.



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