Let’s Go the Selfie Mode


We all want that perfect selfie, the one with a gorgeous backdrop. The one where our eyebrows are arched in the right angle and smiles curving the right way. There’s just no room for any error. Here is a list of time-tested, greatest destinations for you to take a selfie at-

  1. Grand Canyon- With miles and miles of red rocks, the Grand Canyon is not only a widely recognized landmark but also an awesome selfie destination. The spots from where you can see the Colorado River making its way through the park are the places you wanna get your selfies at.
  1. Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival- Brightly colored balloons of all shapes and sizes floating in the air, while the clouds work their magic on the sunny blue sky. While on a hot-air balloon ride, you get to fly over a river and the woods. Click a selfie during the ride and you’ll have hundreds of balloons bobbing in the air behind you, giving you a great backdrop for your pictures.
  1. Statue of Liberty- This is a classic and you can’t go wrong with the classics. You can take a regular selfie OR you can dress yourself up like Lady Liberty and take a fun ‘besties’ selfie with this world-renowned icon.
  1. Hollywood Sign- Another landmark of the country, this one never gets old. No matter how many selfies you have with the Hollywood Sign, you can always take some more. You can click quirky selfies here making it look like you’re eating the letters of the sign or holding them up.
  1. Coral Reef- Located at the Florida Keys, the coral reef is unparalleled when it comes to clicking breathtakingly magical selfies. Marine life swimming all around adds an element of wonder to your photos. Head out with your friends or solo for some great photo-ops. The best part of clicking selfies underwater is that you get photobombed by cute exquisite sea creatures, who aren’t too shy to say hi!
  1. Empire State Building- A selfie from the observation deck of this icon guarantees a positive result. A sea of concrete buildings with the sky watching all the activities taking place below, that’s what you get at the background of your selfie when taken from the observation deck.

Beautiful places make beautiful selfies. LookUpFare is with you when you set out in search of acquiring that perfect selfie destination. With its diverse travel deals, all you need to do is gear up with your selfie sticks & a smile and fly off to your chosen stop.


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