Our Weekend-Trip to Paradise

Waking up the kids before sunrise was not an easy task. Couple of hours in the flight with four-year-old twins screaming every 5 min, even harder. My saint of a husband was the only reason I didn’t lose my sanity. When we reached Disneyland, the smiles on the boys’ faces were enough to forgive them for kicking the back of the seats of other passengers. They were kind enough not to yell at them.


The moment we entered the gates, it felt like we had walked into some alternate reality. Disney characters in costume, kids running around and sounds of laughter welcomed us, setting the tone for our vacation. The vibe all around was that of a magical wonderland. The queues for most of the rides were long but still worth the wait. The twins were getting a little squirmy during the long waits which was remedied by letting them play games on the I-pad.

My sons still haven’t grown out of their Elsa & Anna phase and were thrilled to get their photo taken with them. Walking through the Sleeping Beauty Castle, Derek was visibly enchanted while Darren spent the entire time trying to find the ‘real princess’. Some of the other visitors found his loud protests to be quite amusing. I, not so much.

We did have a few hiccups as the boys didn’t meet the height requirement for some of the rides. Darren was cool about it but Derek made it a point to cry every time we were turned away from a ride. His mini tantrums were forgotten the moment he saw a Disney character. We even got to watch a live song & dance routine by ‘Snow White’ and ‘Prince Charming’. Among all the exciting rides, for whatever reason, ‘Mad Tea Party’ — the giant teacups– were the boys’ favorite. They kept giggling during the entire ride.

LookUpFare was pretty good at finding us the kind of flight tickets we wanted. Having young kids, we always need to choose the seats carefully and were satisfied with the ones we got. We also got quite a discount on them. Honestly, we were a little apprehensive about taking them to Disneyland at this age but it turned out to be great. Where there are kids, there will be mayhem.  Still, Disneyland is as close as possible to being the ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’.


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