Visit Lexington and Lihue: for the love of horses and jewel stained beaches

shutterstock_506777584.jpgLexington is arguably the second largest city in Kentucky, USA. It is quite famously known around the world as the “Horse Capital of the world”, it is the heart of the State’s Bluegrass region and it ranks tenth among US cities in college education rates with 40% of the residents having at least a bachelor’s degree. That is a superhuman feat in itself! It also holds the distinction of having the world’s largest basketball specific arena. It also has a very unique “Green paw” initiative acknowledging the pet owner’s pledge of environmental responsibility the “Lexington Green Paw” badge will be issued to them for their properly vaccinated and licensed dogs. Cheap flights to Lexington and discount one way flights are made available by all leading airlines across countries because of the sheer demand of people wanting to visit the place throughout the year, which is so incredibly animal friendly.

First class airfare sales are plentiful because Lexington caters to the rich and elite quite well. The services provided in the city are top notch which enables them to have a comfortable stay while they are at Lexington. The shoppers also have a lot of places to visit like discovering hand crafted works from local artisans, unique boutiques or the largest malls in the state on a shopping excursion in the heart of the Bluegrass.There are nearly 50 breeds of documented horses, museums, art galleries, shows and demonstrations at the gigantic 1200 acre Kentucky Horse Park. It is unlike any other horse park in the world which boasts of 260 spacious sites with grocery and gift stores, two bath houses, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts and a very well maintained swimming pool There are a tonne of things to do in Kentucky once you decide to take the leap and visit the place.

sunburn1.jpgComing down from the luscious greenery of Lexington, Lihue should bethechoice of destination when it comes to getting a vacation possible.With the emergence of the sugar industry in the 1800s, Lihue became the central city of the island with the construction of a large sugar mill. Lihue is the second largest town on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’I after Kapa’a and it boasts of incredible natural beauty within its boundaries.

As for the beaches, there are a lot of options to choose from. The Kalapaki beach is famous for its white sands. Aside from swimming in the warm waters and lounging on the beaches, you could try the art of sailing. Another place that is a must to look at is the Kauai Lagoons where you can find freshwater lagoons and the local wildlife tantalize your senses.

shutterstock_314605838.jpgIf you would like to spend some quiet time by yourself then looking at ships idly passing by through the Nawiliwili Harbour would sound like a good idea to you or you can swim or just stroll along the breathtakingNinini beach. One of the most amazing things that you can do while at Lihue is experience the sheer joy of Kayaking. You can kayak up the river Wailua from the Lydgate State Park or to the Huleia National Wildlife Refuge. Aside from water related activities, Lihue also offers local flora and fauna to appreciate including migratory birds which are found abundantly in the national parks. Cheap flights to Lihue are available the whole year round because it is accommodative for people from all walks of life.


Visit Toronto to Witness the Multicultural Hub of Canada with Picturesque Greens and Bountiful Beaches

last-minute-tickets-to-torontoToronto is the most populous city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. It is a very prominent centre for music, theatre, motion picture production and television production and is home to the headquarters of Canada’s major national broadcast networks and media outlets. It is situated along Lake Ontario’s north-western shore. It is a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed in comparison by the CN Tower. Toronto also boasts of a ton of green spaces, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports facilities and the very famous zoo which is renowned for its spectacular maintenance and the well-being of the animals kept there.

Cheap flights to Toronto are available on a daily basis because there is just so much to do in the city while you are there! Amusement parks are open throughout the year with rides that will make an 8 to 40-year-old smile with complete glee. You can ride a carousel of your choice anytime of the year you feel like and do so with no regrets because they are equipped with state of the art safety measures which will enable you to have fun without having to worry about other things.

Many of Toronto’s waterfront parks have sand or coble beaches for everyone to enjoy. Soak up on the lakeside atmosphere, come for a picnic with all your friends and family or some beach volleyball to get the tempo going. Some of the landmarks in the place are the BAPS Shri Swaminaran Mandir which is a unique to Canada architectural monument. It is made with 24,000 pieces of marble and stone which is quite an impressive feat. Another place that you can visit is the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto which is a resource centre, a reception hall, an art gallery, a number of studios for arts and crafts, conference rooms and other supportive facilities.

Get those last minute tickets to Toronto because it is the most diverse city in the world with over 140 languages spoken. It is estimated that over half of Toronto’s residents were born outside Canada and despite its complex make up, Torontonians usually get along. When the weather is fine, Toronto is an absolute blast because it is such a vibrant, big city abuzz with activity. Some of the world’s finest restaurants are situated here with world renowned chefs coming up and falling in love with the city and making sure that they leave their mark before they go. Bars, clubs and an eclectic mix of everything in between is not far behind.

There has been a fresh international buzz about the city of Toronto. Perhaps it is the influx of fresh new residents from across the globe or the Pan Am Games that shone a spotlight on Toronto. Either way, this is a city that is waking up to its own greatness every single day and encouraging people to visit their city at least once in their lives.

Our Weekend-Trip to Paradise

Waking up the kids before sunrise was not an easy task. Couple of hours in the flight with four-year-old twins screaming every 5 min, even harder. My saint of a husband was the only reason I didn’t lose my sanity. When we reached Disneyland, the smiles on the boys’ faces were enough to forgive them for kicking the back of the seats of other passengers. They were kind enough not to yell at them.


The moment we entered the gates, it felt like we had walked into some alternate reality. Disney characters in costume, kids running around and sounds of laughter welcomed us, setting the tone for our vacation. The vibe all around was that of a magical wonderland. The queues for most of the rides were long but still worth the wait. The twins were getting a little squirmy during the long waits which was remedied by letting them play games on the I-pad.

My sons still haven’t grown out of their Elsa & Anna phase and were thrilled to get their photo taken with them. Walking through the Sleeping Beauty Castle, Derek was visibly enchanted while Darren spent the entire time trying to find the ‘real princess’. Some of the other visitors found his loud protests to be quite amusing. I, not so much.

We did have a few hiccups as the boys didn’t meet the height requirement for some of the rides. Darren was cool about it but Derek made it a point to cry every time we were turned away from a ride. His mini tantrums were forgotten the moment he saw a Disney character. We even got to watch a live song & dance routine by ‘Snow White’ and ‘Prince Charming’. Among all the exciting rides, for whatever reason, ‘Mad Tea Party’ — the giant teacups– were the boys’ favorite. They kept giggling during the entire ride.

LookUpFare was pretty good at finding us the kind of flight tickets we wanted. Having young kids, we always need to choose the seats carefully and were satisfied with the ones we got. We also got quite a discount on them. Honestly, we were a little apprehensive about taking them to Disneyland at this age but it turned out to be great. Where there are kids, there will be mayhem.  Still, Disneyland is as close as possible to being the ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’.

Orlando- The City Beautiful

shutterstock_522197110Orlando, a bustling city, is one of the most popular destinations in the US. The number of amusement parks in the city had earned it the nickname of ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’. Orlando enjoys mild weather all year through making it great for travelers to frolic around at the city. Temperatures in the hottest month—July- rarely rises higher than 82° F. Check out the best online flights booking sites and get heavy discounts on your tickets and accommodation.

A big reason that Orlando draws a large crowd of travelers from all over the world is that it is home to Walt Disney World Resort—‘The Happiest Place on Earth’. When it comes to this world-renowned amusement park, age is just a number. In a place that has entertained generations, you’re bound to have a great time. Whether you’re traveling with your family, friends or solo, you won’t run out of things to do in this much-celebrated wonderland. Book a flight to Orlando and lose yourself in a flurry of exhilarating rides, temperature controlled wave pools, fun live-shows and golf courses.

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion gives you the unique opportunity of having that perfect fairy-tale wedding with your very own Prince Charming. You can also book a spot for commitment ceremonies or vow renewals to make your trip even more special. The various theme and water parks within Walt Disney World Resort are Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There’s something really soothing about sitting by a serene lake and just living in the moment. Orlando allows you to do just that. The city boasts of having a number of beautiful lakes with glistening water that rejuvenates your mind and soul. A few names to remember- Lake Orlando, Lake Baldwin, Lake Lancaster, Lake Ivanhoe and Lake Estelle. The picturesque landscapes surrounding the lakes are perfect for some leisurely trekking to get your pulse pumping.

If you’re longing for some beach-time, you’re in luck as there are many great beaches within a short drive from Orlando. Daytona, Cocoa, Flagler, New Smyrna and Melbourne Beach are the ones you would want to visit for some quality time with your loved ones.

Book a low-cost flight to Orlando and explore all the quality restaurants the city takes pride in. You can share a few mouthwatering meals with your travel mates at Maggiano’s Little Italy, Charley’s Steak House, Kres Restaurant LLC, Texas de Brazil and The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar.

Orlando International Airport is well connected to cities around the world making it convenient for you to fly there. Some airlines flying there are American Airlines, United, Emirates, Lufthansa and Air Canada. Hop-on a flight to Orlando to discover its wonders.

LookUpFare – Ultimate Travel Experience ‘tis Season

We thought what would be more real than sharing the true experience of people associated with us.

So here it is, in her own words, journey of two sisters.

 ‘tis the Season to Be Jolly

tis-the-season-to-be-jollyGrowing up, my sister and I always dreamed of seeing the world. Backpacking across the globe without any cares in the world. We even made a Bucket List of the things we would do when we go on our trips after growing up. Bungee jumping, sky-diving, swimming with the dolphins and what not. However, after Uni, we both got busy with our careers and didn’t really chase our childhood fantasies. I think we all do it at one point in our lives: pack our wonderful wishes in a bag and bury it in a timeline.


But one day, out of the blue, my sister called me in the middle of the night, all exhilarated, virtually squeaking and asking me to put my bare essentials in a bag. Ostensibly, we were going for an adventure, genuinely long distance one!

Since time was short, I began searching for travel portals, to find the best option. We found LookUpFare. The affordable prices, different choices for hotels, the travel routes, the car service, everything about them made us even more excited about our trip. We wanted to tick-off ‘watch the Northern Lights’ from our Bucket List. So we chose Finland for our feat. After everything we’ve heard about the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, seeing it for the first time still exceeded our expectation. Not to mention the ease we had while reaching it through car rental service, which was already an add-on we took while booking our tickets.

The resort with all the pretty glass igloos with a futuristic design, surrounded by snow and trees, gave off other worldly vibes making our stay all the more magical.  We thought that sitting on a settee, sipping hot coco with tiny bobbing marshmallows, chatting non-stop was great. But then, the green, pink and blue lights started appearing in the sky making it come alive. Northern Lights had arrived in the sky, like an angel ready to descend the earth. Enchanted!! That’s the only word that could best describe how we felt. For us the year ended with unforgettable memories.

christmas-treeAnd since then, for all the other little adventures we’ve been on, in the past couple of years, we have relied only on LookUpFare. Though we haven’t decided the destination to end this year with some mesmerizing moments yet, but I am pretty sure LookUpFare’s Destination Mapping will help us do it in a jiffy. “Thank you LookUpFare for making me realize my Bucket-List for real.”

An Insight into the Houston Airport System

cheap-plane-tickets-to-houstonThe Houston Airport System is an incredible foundation of innovative design technology, amazing construction and dynamic network of air services. It is designed with a vision to connect the beautiful region of Houston with people, businesses, religions, cultures and economies across the world.

Certainly, the vision is witnessing a shift to reality by providing safe and dynamic air services to more than four million people residing in the city across varied domestic and international destinations. Furthermore, more than 50 million passengers are pleasingly reaping the benefits of the city’s air transportation system with the added benefits of cheap plane tickets to Houston and various Houston flight deals. However, the numbers are scaling up on a rapid pace whilst fostering the economic strength of Houston as well as the transportation industry.

Apart from passengers, the airport system also provides its aviation services to air cargo, armed forces, corporate aviation, commuter carriers and NASA. With so many customers operating and using the aircraft and the aviation services at Houston, the airfields are packed with jumbo jets, crop dusters, F-16’s, luxurious corporate jets, home built aircraft and much more. However, the numbers landing on the airfields does not hamper the quality of the services. The system is well equipped with advanced technologies to handle all sorts of weather conditions, navigational needs, air traffic control and landing requirements.

The establishments that nurture the strength and dynamism of the Houston Airport System are:

  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • William P Hobby Airport
  • Ellington Airport

The three airports George Bush International, William P Hobby and Ellington together contribute more than 27 billion dollars to the economy of Houston.

The foundation of this incredible system of non-stop air services has made traveling to the city easier and more convenient. Now, there are immeasurable ways to get to the country and fulfill all desires of a memorable vacation or a successful business trip.

There are various cheap flights to Houston that also offers attractive deals on last minute flights to Houston so as to entice a number of travelers to this beautiful destination.  Not only this, the system also entitles commendable Houston airport transfers to and from several districts and regions within the city. Numerous options in taxi cabs, metro bus, shuttles and car rentals with varied price ranges and ultra-convenient access are known to offer quality Houston airport transfers.

Plan Your Vacation with Budget Friendly Travel Deals


flights-to-mexicoOne of the most visited countries across the globe has lots of tourist attractions. Some of the fascinating places that lure the tourist are art galleries, world-class museums, cultural festivals, Mesoamerican ruins, colonial cities, beach resorts and nature reserves.

The most popular places in the city are Mayan Riviera Beach, Puetro Vallatra, Cabo San Lucas & Los Cabos Corridor, Copper Canyon (it is Mexico’s Grand Canyon), historic center of Mexico City, Mayan Metropolis, Guanajuato, Ixtapa Beach, Zihuatanejo Beach, Ancient Fortress of Tulum, Yucatán’s White City, Oaxaca (Mexico’s cultural hub) and many more magnificent places. Mexican cuisine is one of best cuisines in the world.

The cuisines are varied flavors with a variety of spices and colorful decoration. You should avoid booking last minute flights to Mexico so as to enjoy your tour and make memorable moments. The city is served by Mexico City International Airport which is one of the largest airports in the world. The airport has great connectivity to major international destinations across the world.


guadalajaraThe second largest city of Mexico and capital of Jalisco holds great weather conditions for tourist to explore many mesmerizing places in the city. The city is rich in cultural heritage and architecture.

Some of the must visit places are Guadalajara Cathedral, the Government palace, San Agustin Church, Regional Museum of Guadalajara, Jose Clemente Orozco Mural, Guadalajara Zoo, Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento, Rotunda of Illustrious Men, Hospicio Cabanas, and Parque Agua Azul.

The cuisines of the city are a mixture of Spanish and pre-Hispanic. The city is the cultural hub of the west Mexico and popularly known as Pearl of the West. Guadalajara International Airport serves the city and has good connectivity across the Mexico and worldwide. You can explore the city with low-cost flights to Guadalajara. LookUpFare will help you getting the best flight deals.


flights-to-torontoThe most popular city of Canada is the capital of Ontario. The city has many tourist attractions of varied mix that include museums, sports arena, art galleries, old architectural buildings, zoo, and parks.

CN Tower is the heart of the city and attracts over millions of tourist throughout the year. The city hosts many musical cultural events every year. There are many attractive places to visit in Toronto which are Royal Ontario Museum, Rogers Centre, Art Gallery of Ontario, Casa Loma, Toronto Zoo, St. Lawrence Market, Entertainment District, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Eaton Center and many other places.

The city is served by Toronto Pearson International Airport which is the busiest airport in Canada. The airport serves as a primary hub for Air Canada, FedEx Express, and WestJet. You can book flights to Toronto through LookUpFare website platform to explore these places and experience the rich heritage and amazing places.