Best Kid-Friendly Places to Travel in Europe

Kids-Friendly-TravelThere’s no greater pleasure in the world than traveling across the world with your family. It’s said that when you travel with your kids, you re-discover the child within you and partake in activities which you wouldn’t think of doing in your day-to-day life. From Copenhagen to London, Europe is replete with several child-friendly cities filled with child-friendly restaurants, fairy tale castles, amusement parks and fun-filled activities that are sure to enthrall you and your family.

Traveling across the world encompasses the perfect family bonding experience and if you go by the phrase “Have family, will travel,” you’ll be happy to know that there are several European cities which are perfect for you to take your family, especially kids along. When traveling as a family, safety is always a major concern to parents.

Gone are the days when traveling with children overseas used to be a painful ordeal and was often looked down upon. With airlines becoming smarter and progressive, there are several cheap flights available for you and your kids which make traveling to Europe from all corners of the world, a relative ease. Moreover, even if you just book a one-way flight to Europe with no certain return date, there are several budget airlines available to cater to your needs.

Be it cheap flights to Dallas or cheap flights to Honolulu, there’s a cheap flight available for every destination possible. So don’t wait anymore – get yourself and your kids ready and embark on the journey of your lifetime. Moreover, on the way back, book flights to Dallas or book flights to Honolulu or any other return destination of your choice without any hassles. So sit back, relax and read through a few destinations where you can take your kids in Europe effortlessly.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a kid’s delight, from vividly colored buildings, breathtaking landscape to fairy tale castles, this city has to be the first stop in Europe to traverse with your kids. Home to two of the oldest amusement parks in the world, Copenhagen also houses Blue Planet, the national aquarium of Denmark which is also the largest in Northern Europe along with child-friendly museums, a zoo, a state-of-the-art science center and lush green parks throughout the city so the young ones can run wild and free.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

Europe’s safest city hands down when it comes traveling with kids. Reykjavik is a secure, well-planned city that is kid-friendly and should be right up on your list when taking your kids to Europe. With a culture that encourages parents to leave their babies sleeping in their prams outside of shops and supermarkets unsupervised, Reykjavik is surely a city you don’t want to miss out on. Venture outside the city and there are several mesmerizing sights and sounds which are guaranteed to captivate both you and your family alike. From the northern lights and hiking expedition to Mount Esja to the stunning thermal hot springs and whale watching, Reykjavik provides the ultimate city break for active families.

3. London, England

One of the best Family Vacation spots in Europe if not the world – there’s so much to see and do in London that is sure to thrill children of all ages. Home to world-famous characters like Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and Paddington Bear, there’s much in London that will captivate the senses of kids. With a wide gamut of museums which are free to enter along with great discounts on public transportation for kids, London has something for all ages and attracts children from all over the world all year round.